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When civil rights legal situations arise, then you need the help of an expert civil rights attorney, the types of civil rights lawyers at The Law Offices of Attorney Gary Fielder. Having your civil rights violated or being accused of violating the civil rights of another person is never a good situation to be in. When the time comes that you have questions about your civil rights and think you may need a civil rights attorney, then it’s time to call The Law Offices of Attorney Gary Fielder. When you call our office, we will immediately establish a game plan, and begin to prepare your defense. Whether that means building the case for trial or starting your classes early, each situation is different. The most important thing is to set your goals early and execute the plan. Over the years, Mr. Fielder has handled thousands of cases and appeared in practically every courthouse in Colorado. That kind of experience is what you need to insure that an unfortunate event does not ruin your life.


Some Background On Civil Rights Law

Civil rights are the basic rights that ensure all citizens are treated equally under the law. That no person undergo unfair treatment based on their color, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual preference. These rights are substantial under the premise that all people are created equal. Civil rights had a rocky path in the US from the Civil War of the 1860’s to the Civil Right’s movement of the 1960’s. Today the civil rights movement still exists but has grown in an effort to protect a number of new groups as well.

Civil Rights
Unlawful Arrest

Unlawful Arrest

If you’ve been arrested without cause or there were other issues with your arrest, then you deserve the opportunity for the court to hear your grievance.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus

No one should be wrongly imprisoned. We will file a writ of habeas corpus to secure a just release for anyone wrongfully suffering inside of detention.

Wrong Convictions

Wrong Convictions

Being wrongfully accused of a crime is a terrible thing, but to be wrongfully convicted of a crime and not be guilty is a tragedy for any person. Lost money, time, repuation, and more.

Civil Rights Attorney’s For All Matters

We handle all types of civil rights matters. Mr. Fielder has tried cases across a wide spectrum of civil rights and still appears in traffic court on wrongful imprisonment, unlawful arrest, and wrongful conviction court matters. Every case is important and no case is too big for us to handle.