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Constitutional law is in place to protect the rights of the people and limit government control. The Bill of Rights and many of the amendments thereafter have been created and maintained to ensure that the citizens of The Unites States of America have the freedom to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It can be a terrible thing to be accused of violating the constitutional rights of a person, or to have your constitutional right be violated.

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Some Background On Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the area of law that provides definition and limits to the structure, power, and roles, of different government, or state entities. These are primarily relating to the branches of government, rights of citizens, and establishing relationships between them and state based government. Constitutional laws are generally laws that dictate boundaries for those that govern and relating to the interworking of different hierarchies and divisions of government. The Founding Fathers themselves stated that the Constitution was made to restrict the government and protect the people.

Constitutional Law
Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is an important part of the first amendment and essential to the basic liberties of citizens in democratic countries. The ability to speak up and speak out assures citizens that they have a voice against injustice or oppression.

The Right to Vote

Voting Rights

Voting rights are built into a few different constitutional amendments, namely the 15th, 19th, and 26th. One ensures the right cannot be denied based on race, another that it may not be restricted due to gender, and the other sets a foundation for age.

The Right to Privacy

The Right to Privacy

Privacy rights are indirectly spelled out in a few amendments including the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and even the 9th and 10th have been inferred as privacy protections. Privacy law can be difficult to navigate and knowing the details can be the difference in your case.

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