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The Criminal Defense Law Office of Attorney Gary Fielder is here to help if you’re going through a case and require a domestic violence lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Our domestic violence attorney’s are here to help you through your scenario from start to finish. Reach out to The Criminal Defense Law Office of Attorney Gary Fielder today.

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Being accused of domestic violence and having to fight a criminal lawsuit is never an easy thing to go through. The Criminal Defense Law Office of Attorney Gary Fielder is here to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Having a high quality domestic violence lawyer is an important part of any case.

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Overview About Domestic Violence

Determining Domestic Violence

How is Domestic Violence committed

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Overview About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is also known as domestic abuse or family violence. This type of criminal charge is generally levied when there is a physical crime committed against a partner in a relationship such as a spouse or child. The types of activities that can result in a charge range from physical, verbal, economic, or religious. Domestic violence charges are a criminal charge that generally range in degrees from 1st to 3rd.

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Determining Domestic Violence

The determination of domestic violence is done based on the situation and people involved. Many states require someone to be arrested if a call for domestic violence is made, regardless of what they arrive and find.

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How is Domestic Violence Committed Denver, CO

How is Domestic Violence Committed

Domestic violence is committed when a crime is committed by one person against another that are in an intimate relationship whether it’s family, marital, or cohabitation.

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How is Domestic Violence Committed Denver, CO Denver, CO

Types of Domestic Violence


1st Degree


2nd Degree


3rd Degree

Domestic Violence Frequently Asked Questions

What types of domestic violence cases do you take?

We generally assist with all varieties of cases.

Will offer service as a domestic violence trial attorney?

If you’re case needs to go to trial, we’re ready to help. We are first class trial attorney’s.

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